Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"Gosh these days I am too "Twilight" obsessed. I really didn't expect this to go so far that I start dreaming of vampires! You guys wouldn't guess what I dreamt of....yeah yeah you would guess vampires, yes of course vampires but not the Cullen vampires.
In my dream my family became vampires. Yep, my family. Not my entire family- only my mom, her brother and his wife. I was a human. My family were good vampires. They would always try to protect me from all harm and they were "vegetarians" !! They would protect me from the bad vampires.....they were very beautiful!!! Then that one day my little eight year old sister was bit by a vampire and she was coming home newborn......ooooh dangerous. She had no control over her eating habits!! She came in, smelt my human blood and took a dive for me. OMG I was like "Nimmi? I am your sister!" and she was like "You smell gooooooood......I bet you taste goooooood too." And I was like "HELP! HELP! HELP!" My mom came pushed Nimmi out of the way and saved me. But Nimmi was a newborn at that time you know, she was strong enough and pushed Momma out of the way! But then my aunt and uncle, together with momma helped save me.
That was it! Boyyy wasn't that an obsessedly scary dream! But I am proud to be such a twilighter nevertheless!
Anyways thats all for now. Bbye! Hope who all see this blog liked this cute entry!
-Nidheya Suresh

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