Friday, December 26, 2008


Hey you guys! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I know I had one! I got an iPod Nano! Fantabulous naa? Yep! I cant wait to download songs onto it! Thats all anyways!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I dream snowww!

OMG! I seriously want it snow here in Artesia. I SO WANT IT TO! Last night I dream that I was sitting in History class and it started snowing outside. The minute it started snowing in my dream all my classmates ran outside saying "YAY! Snow! Let's play!!!" My whole class ran outside. My friend asked "Hey Nidheya why aren't you coming? I thought you wanted it to snow here???". And I was lik "Amy! Be real! This is a dream! It is not true". Amy was like "So what? You still get to play! That's all matters". I was like "Huh??". She told "When you wake up there wont be any snow in Artesia, but right now in your dream, there is. So now let's enjoy!" So I went outside and played in my "dreamery" snow! It was amazing!!!!
Nidheya Suresh


"Gosh these days I am too "Twilight" obsessed. I really didn't expect this to go so far that I start dreaming of vampires! You guys wouldn't guess what I dreamt of....yeah yeah you would guess vampires, yes of course vampires but not the Cullen vampires.
In my dream my family became vampires. Yep, my family. Not my entire family- only my mom, her brother and his wife. I was a human. My family were good vampires. They would always try to protect me from all harm and they were "vegetarians" !! They would protect me from the bad vampires.....they were very beautiful!!! Then that one day my little eight year old sister was bit by a vampire and she was coming home newborn......ooooh dangerous. She had no control over her eating habits!! She came in, smelt my human blood and took a dive for me. OMG I was like "Nimmi? I am your sister!" and she was like "You smell gooooooood......I bet you taste goooooood too." And I was like "HELP! HELP! HELP!" My mom came pushed Nimmi out of the way and saved me. But Nimmi was a newborn at that time you know, she was strong enough and pushed Momma out of the way! But then my aunt and uncle, together with momma helped save me.
That was it! Boyyy wasn't that an obsessedly scary dream! But I am proud to be such a twilighter nevertheless!
Anyways thats all for now. Bbye! Hope who all see this blog liked this cute entry!
-Nidheya Suresh

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This special bond

This post is just dedicated to my dearest friends on India Forums. Namely Shreya di, Nadz, Riit di, Gitz di, Varsha di, Fatima di, Sania, Karishma, Anj chechi, Gayathri, Ragini di and many others. This friendship and bond means a life to me! I have never felt so close to anyone. I do miss KIT a lot but I am even more sad that now that the show is over and the forum might archieve we wouldnt be able to keep so in touch. I will miss all this alot. Our writing FF's, eagerly waiting for comments. I never show my FF's to anyone at home only to you guys. And also the vms and everything...............

I wish this forum never gets will break my heart!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Akash and Dimple?? A couple?? Aritcle

Akashdeep Saigal and Dimple Jhangiani from the show Kuchh Is Tarah have been spotted in different locations holding hands. When asked Dimple she says that she wants to keep it low and doesnt want lots of publicity on this matter. They have even been spotted romancing beyond hands holding too!



Saturday, November 8, 2008

A new VM

Guys I have made a new vm but youtube isnt accepting i am pasting it here! Pls do see and comment on IF!

pls do view!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zindaggi Rox!

Meri zindagi sabse acchi hain! I mean look I have almost everything that I want!! Mujhe kitni acchi maa-baap hain. Haan behan hain acchi magar super annoying!!! Lekin usse better behan koi nahin ho sakta hain..................ya ya meri siwa!! Mere paas ek bahut hi acchi dost hain Hana. Woh duniya ke sabse acchi saathi hain! I am so damn lucky to have her in my life. She makes my life so easy. Then I had studied for so many years in India which has given me a very good educational base!!! Ab toh studies kitni aasaan hain bata nahin sakti main!! Well..............except PE. Phir milenge k?


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey Divya!I AM SORRY!!
I am sorry for being such a jerk! Please forgive me. Its just that each time you tell me that you come online I fight battles and make it a point to be there and you never turn up. Each time I felt so miserable and upset. Thats why I checked on you so many times. I had even told my gandpa to come early so that I could chat with you and when you didnt turn up I felt so furious ans sad. I was just so upset that I couldnt stand it anymore. Thats why all those angry txts. When I read your scrap I felt awful. Please forgive me. I can afford to lose your friendship. I am a jerk. I promise I wont ask you for chatting again! Please comment here or let me know!!! And I am apologising online! Please do reply.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy day

Such a crazy day today was!!! Woke only to get blasted by my family! But I sneaked into the bathroom and had a lovely shower singing a silly song I composed- Bathey Bathey! Then I had a single slice of pizza for bfast and sat squat on the comp chair! After that stuff went pretty smoothly.....Hope stuff returns to normal soon. My friends except for Hana never keep their chatting appointments leaving me so FURIOUS!! Okay thts all for now....