Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zindaggi Rox!

Meri zindagi sabse acchi hain! I mean look I have almost everything that I want!! Mujhe kitni acchi maa-baap hain. Haan behan hain acchi magar super annoying!!! Lekin usse better behan koi nahin ho sakta hain..................ya ya meri siwa!! Mere paas ek bahut hi acchi dost hain Hana. Woh duniya ke sabse acchi saathi hain! I am so damn lucky to have her in my life. She makes my life so easy. Then I had studied for so many years in India which has given me a very good educational base!!! Ab toh studies kitni aasaan hain bata nahin sakti main!! Well..............except PE. Phir milenge k?


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey Divya!I AM SORRY!!
I am sorry for being such a jerk! Please forgive me. Its just that each time you tell me that you come online I fight battles and make it a point to be there and you never turn up. Each time I felt so miserable and upset. Thats why I checked on you so many times. I had even told my gandpa to come early so that I could chat with you and when you didnt turn up I felt so furious ans sad. I was just so upset that I couldnt stand it anymore. Thats why all those angry txts. When I read your scrap I felt awful. Please forgive me. I can afford to lose your friendship. I am a jerk. I promise I wont ask you for chatting again! Please comment here or let me know!!! And I am apologising online! Please do reply.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy day

Such a crazy day today was!!! Woke only to get blasted by my family! But I sneaked into the bathroom and had a lovely shower singing a silly song I composed- Bathey Bathey! Then I had a single slice of pizza for bfast and sat squat on the comp chair! After that stuff went pretty smoothly.....Hope stuff returns to normal soon. My friends except for Hana never keep their chatting appointments leaving me so FURIOUS!! Okay thts all for now....