Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Gang of Girls

Hello my blog buddies,

Inspired by Priyanka Chopra's article for the Hindustan Times "Celebrate Your Gang of Girls" (link given at the bottom), here is my article or blogory about my gang of girls.

In my gang of girls there are five of us, Himangi, Asma, Hana, Divya, and myself. I have known Himangi and Divya for five years while I have known Asma and Hana for three years. Himangi has been my best friend for five years while the other three have been my best friends for the past three years.

Whenever I'm sad or happy, excited or nervous, they are the first ones I inform. Whether it is a two hour long phone call or a two word SMS, I make sure I inform them. When I knew I was returning to India after a year long stay in the United States, I was pretty upset, but wanted to let them knew. They deserved to after all.

Their reactions were different but the main thing was they all were happy. I wish I had been feeling the same at that moment but I was too busy sulking over changing countries every single years to notice. But the prospect of meeting my four and living in the same city as them once again was truly exciting. I mean c'mon, it was after such a long time!! Their absence in my life had made me extremely depressed and when I knew I would be seeing them in less than a month:- AMAZING!

The weird thing about my gang of girls is that they are actually my gang. It is not like we are some offical group of girls who go around. These four girls are not on very cordial relationships, but to me they are the world. Except for Asma and Hana the rest are hardly friends. Of course, they are my best friends, but outside that they have a different bunch of friends.

These are the girls with whom I have been able to connect with at an emotional level, which is extremely important to me. Sometimes I feel that the reason why I love them so much is because I chose to. The relationship I share with these girls are not bestowed upon my relation or force, rather by my very own choice. I chose these four as my best friends, I chose to love them, I chose them as my sisters. Do I need to mention any more reasons?

They make me laugh hysterically, and also lend me their warm shoulders and expertise advice when I need it. They don't let me down no matter what. They are there for me, I'm there for them, quite simple actually.

I love them all the same, but yet they are special to me for different reasons, and those reasons I shall reveal...only partially though:-

1. Himangi:- Himangi was the first one I befriended among the four...wait that was Divya, but actually she is the first one I became close to. Himangi is someone I hit off immediately with. She is so much like me and we have so much in common like the love for reading, the subject of English, Harry Potter, our hatred for totally feminine people, etc. Both of us were ambitious and work hard for a strong future. Each time I get together with Himangi I have the time of my life, especially looking through weird Harry Potter videos or recollecting hilarious memories. I love this girl, she is so very loyal and an amazing friend!

2. Hana:- Hana has already been mentioned in this blog, I think twice, previously. As I stated both those times, she was and is still like a twin sister to me. She is so much like me, rebellious, talkative, so much in depth as a person, etc etc. She is the one among my friends to whom I can cry on on the phone without any worry. In fact, I already have.

3. Asma:- Asma is the funniest person alive. She is a very caring friend. She is fun to be around and wont rest until she turns your frown upside down. She is quite a tempermental person too, though she is otherwise around her friends. She makes me laugh-till-I-die almost every day with her silly antics at home like "breaking her computer" and other blah-blahs.

4. Divya:- Divya is the first one I met among my gang of girls. Though we weren't close at the beginning, or even friends for that matter, a year or two later we became extremely close and soon enough: best friends. Divya is also a lot like Asma, with her funny antics and laugh-out-loud jokes. She is really a pick-me-up, atleast for me. She gives out great advice too, something you probably wouldn't expect from her when you first meet her.

When they hurt me, unintentionally or intentionally, I forgive them after that short/long period of fuming fury. After all they are my friends and that is reason enough for me.

That's all for now guys! Sorry for updating after so long! I was just randomly thinking and decided that it has been a while since I updated H!Nl and it was high time I did so, so I did. This time I decided to write about the four people who give meaning to my life, myself, and everything else around me. I will try to update as often as every Saturday, but I said I will try because I do have a tight schedule and I have to set up meeting dates with Himangi and Divya since they don't go to my school anymore...I miss them so much to the point that it hurts!!

By the way Happy Children's Day to One and All of You Out There!

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this one and waiting to hear your feedback,


1. Priyanka Chopra's Hindustan Times Article "Celebrate Your Gang of Girls":-

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Nimisha said...

Chechi I love this blog.I it gives me a reminding mind.I mean it makes me think about my friends.Keep on doing your best!!!!!!!