Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Best Friend

Hello one and all,

I'm back quite soon this time!! Thanks for all your positive response!! Here is my next piece:-

My Best Friend

While filling slambooks in school I come across a very frequent question. "Who are your best friends?" Without thinking I jot down the name of my four aka Himangi, Asma, Hana and Divya. But something got me thinking. Especially since yesterday, when I realised she is my biggest fan. The way she encouraged my writing, the way she sent an e-mail to practically everyone on her list asking them to read I Promise. I didn't know she was so proud of me, she isn't much of an expressive person you know.

I love my mother so much more after this incident. For the first time in her life she praised me endlessly, told me how proud she is of me. These words of hers were enough to make my day, night, week, month...and heck yeah, my whole life!!

She has been the only person on this earth I can trust without a second thought. She has been with me throughout all my trials and tribulations, supported me when I was down. She never let me be in the dark. Her words of encouragement, of praise, of love made sure that I was happy all the time. Thank you Amma, I love you so much.
Amma is the only person in this entire universe who never let me be alone. All four of my friends have done that at some point of time, but Amma, never. She has sacrificed anything and everything at the cost of my happiness. Sure she grumbles once in a while, but she is always there, smiling kindly at me, telling me how proud she is of me.
I love you so much Amma. Here I am proclaiming my love for you on the world wide web. I might say spiteful things at time, but the guilt always gnaws upon me. I can't stand it if you are hurt. You have done so much for me, maybe this is nothing in return, but it is something, atleast.
You have always stayed on the ground, supported my dreams, sometimes sacrificing your own. Now, I want you to fly, fly up in the air, feeling the cool air gush against your face, feel the wind blow through your hair, giving you the ultimate pleasure. Yes Amma, I have also flown, it is a marvellous sensation and you deserve it more than I do.
I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you!! I'm always going to love you and everytime someone asks me whether I'm Veena's daughter, I will hold my head high and proudly say "Yes"!
And of course, next time someone gives me their slambook to fill and I come across the "Who is your best friend" question, I will first jot down your name and then the others!
Hope you all liked it, this came from the heart...


Mini said...

I am all teary eyed after reading this post...you go girl!!
While most daughters are appreciative of their moms, few can be so sincerely expressive as you are..wish you two all the very best!

Sreeja said...

veena is really blessed . Bless you too.

Nimisha said...

Chechi you are getting better at writing!!!!!!


CK said...

Muthu, good job well done; but you could have done better.

Love Muthan. 30/12/09